The winds of change have blown at the 2 Bar Rockin K. Improved pastures in place, water well drilled and irrigation on the way. Realizing these changes we felt it was time to improve our cattle herd. Although we saw the value in Braunvieh cattle we felt Angus would work better for us in our local market. Therefore the decision was made to search out quality Angus cows for a foundation herd. We looked to Bradley 3, Express Ranches, 44 Farms, Hillhouse Angus and 2-Bar Angus to fill our need for quality dams.

Through AI and embryo transfer we have improved our herd with focus on moderate birth weights, high growth and carcass merit.

There's no discounting our clean up bull though - 44 Pacesetter Y060- He is stamping his own offspring with low birth weights and good growth.

 Our goal is to produce quality bulls and heifers for commercial cattlemen, as well as cattle for  seed stock producers.