GAR Objective 9J28

9J28 combines individual ultrasound ratios of 104 for IMF and 111 for RE with 6 progeny IMF ratios of 103 to go along with HD50K scores in the top 10% for CED and YW as well as top 15% for BW. This donor alone offers an EPD profile that ranks in the top 1% of current dams for WW, YW, $Feedlot and $Grid, 3% for Marb and 5% for $Wean and $Beef. 


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2 Bar Complete 2118

  Great donors produce great donors and this female is on track to out-do her famous dam, the $30,000 Deer Valley and Edisto Pines donor that has 29 progeny that ratio 103 for IMF and 105 for RE. She's done it all, from earning a monster IMF ratio as a yearling to now having an impressive production record. This donor ranks in the top 1% of current dams for RE as well as top 2% for $Wean, $Grid and $Beef, 5% for WW and 10% for CW and Marb.